18 May 2012


Ok so I admit, this blog post is not about a recipe per-say, but it's about where I find a lot of my recipes.  

I used to use www.pinterest.com a LOT.  

I'd spend my days trawling the pages looking for yummy things I wanted to try and make.  Then if I spotted one (like a needle in a haystack... I'm very fussy you see...), I'd pin it to my board called "Recipes to Try".  Once I had tried the recipe, I would change it and pin it to "Tried and Tested".  I'm a very organised person.  I can't help it, it's in my nature!

So I thought I'd just post a quick blog with links to both my boards, in case you were interested (you'll see a lot of double ups, in so far as the recipes that I've tried, I've probably written about on this blog anyways).  

I warn you though, if you set up an account, it can develop into a serious addiction.

I was addicted for a good couple of months, over Christmas/New Years/Jan/Feb.  But once I got back to uni in March, I didn't have as much time to trawl through the pictures and such.  One would think this would mean I would go and make all the recipes waiting to be tried... but as such, not yet.  Maybe soon.  :)

Recipes to Try:  http://pinterest.com/hannabaorange/recipes-to-try/

Tried and Tested: http://pinterest.com/hannabaorange/tried-tested/

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