6 February 2012


I love ambrosia.  Everyone has their own versions and recipes for ambrosia.  This is just a "recipe" I made up myself, because it's super easy, and I love berries and fruits and of course, DESSERT!  Who doesn't love dessert?  Really!  And so with these ingredients, you can eat dessert, satisfy your sweet tooth and not grow 3 dress sizes!!!  It's win-win!

It's perfect if you're asked to take a dessert to someones house, and it's not heavy, nor does it require tonnes of work.  Of course, it's open to interpretation and variations, but here's my version.  Sadly it doesn't photograph prettily, and I'm not really into food presentation (give me time, I might develop a knack for it ;) ) but yeah, I wanted to write about this because I love it so much, it's so simple, and it's one of my fave things to make! :)

Serves about 6 or 8, depending on how much fruit you put in.

1kg pot of natural yoghurt (you can also use flavoured, but I prefer au naturel)
blueberries (rinsed, and manky ones discarded!)
strawberries (rinsed, diced)
marshmallows (pink and white - mini ones, or just chop up the big ones)
chocolate chips

Chuck it all in a bowl together, and mix gently (to avoid bruising fruit).  

I had mine with a meringue and a cherry on the side... Om nom nom

I've left the quantities of each blank, simply because it is up to you what "yoghurt : fruit : other" ratio you want, and how much you have in your cupboard.

Voila.  SO easy.  Of course, you can add ANY fruit at all that you want!  We just had blueberries and strawberries in excess on hand, so we used up a whole bunch of them (about 250gm of blueberries... not sure how many strawberries...).  Some other fruit could be boysenberries (even out of a can), banana, nectarines, peaches, apricots... there are no limits!

We even had ambrosia left over (I know... left over dessert - how is that even possible?!) which I *almost* ate for breakfast! 

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