4 February 2012

Summer Fruit

This isn't a cooking post.  But I feel compelled to write a post about summer fruit.

The reason for this?  I went to a fair today, and they had the most AMAZING cherries.  I'm not kidding.  I've never seen cherries like this.  

Me and My Box
I ate SO many my fingers got stained!
Normally we buy cherries over Christmas as a special treat, and this year the crop was pathetic.  They were small, not very sweet or juicy.  I was incredibly disappointed, and we didn't buy them because they were also expensive.

But today at the fair, I saw cherries like I've never seen before.  I tried one, went to heaven and back, and ended up buying a big box.  I initially just thought "Oh, I'll get a bag, that'll be enough."  Turns out the box was only $3 more than the bag, and you got 1.2kg (approx) of cherries for $17.  I was like "Dammit.  Give me a box then!".  I'm greedier than I thought, it turns out!  But look at the photos below... how could I say no?!

So, I'm very happy with my NZ$17 of cherries from Central Otago (South Island of New Zealand) and I shared them with my family and friends that I was at the fair with!

We also found a stall selling blueberries and strawberries, 1 of each punnet for NZ$20 total.  Delicious.  Blueberries are something I have been craving while ill, so I've been eating them every chance I can get.  They are so good for you, easy to snack on, put in smoothies, or bake into muffins.  They are also full of amazing anti-oxidants, which I figure will help me recover, and are healthy!  WIN!

So Dad bought some.  Yay!  He also got strawberries, which are delicious too, but I struggle to eat them raw and alone because the acidity can hurt my tongue, so I tend to eat them with icing sugar.  However, that's not the healthiest choice, but I've found that eating them with low-fat yoghurt instead also stops the acid hurting my tongue.  :)

So YAY for summer fruits!  I am so happy with our purchases today!  I hope you take advantage of seasonal fruit wherever you live too!!

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