6 February 2012

Cooked Weekend Brunch

Not very often, but from time to time, my family partakes of a traditional cooked breakfast... however, some people kind of go overboard on the greasyness and the piling of the plate very high when they have a cooked breakfast.  We had a lovely little brunch, didn't over stuff ourselves, and were well set up for the day.  I just wanted to share the pictures, because it looked so lovely on the plate :)

Clockwise from top left:
  • Scrambled eggs on toast (egg, milk, a dash of onion salt, microwave and whisk - yum!)
  • Hash browns (grilled in a George Foreman, to get rid of excess oil = super crunchy!)
  • Bacon bits (off cuts from the butcher, so cheap, so tasty, cooked in a frypan with a bit of oil)
  • Baked beans on toast (out of a can haha)
So delicious!

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