11 February 2012

Creamy Spinach and Parmesan Dip

When I was 14, we lived in Malaysia, and we had some Australian friends there, whose mum had a specialty dish of spinach dip inside a loaf of bread.  It was the most amazing dip ever.  She brought it to all the BBQs and events, and we all ate it many, many times.  Ever since, I've been enamoured with the idea of spinach dip, and I've kept an eye out for recipes.  

With my recent desire to do more in the kitchen, and then stumbling across a really EASY recipe for spinach dip, I thought I'd give it a go.  This recipe is not served in a loaf of bread however, nor is it served hot (like some other variations).  But I think you can forgive these things for the simplicity of the recipe, and how amazing it tastes.

I must confess, I didn't exactly follow the recipe (I never do, I'm not too OCD about having exact quantities - it's more fun to not be too strict haha) because we don't (and never, ever do!) have scallions.  I don't even know what they are really.  Like some sort of spring onion?  I'm not sure, but anyway, I just replaced scallions in the original recipe with finely diced red onion, and it's beautiful.  You wouldn't know it wasn't supposed to be there.  ;)  The other bonus, is that this recipe is the lightest version I could find, so you won't even feel guilty eating it!  WIN!

Makes about 2 cups of dip.

10oz frozen, chopped spinach (thawed, and excess liquid squeezed out) [10oz = about 1 & 1/4 cup]
1/2 cup light sour cream
5 tbsp light mayonnaise
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
1/2 a red onion, finely diced
fresh pepper, to taste (I didn't use any to be honest haha)

  • Microwave the frozen spinach to thaw (about 1 min - don't cook it) and drain, squeezing out as much liquid as possible (best way I found was in a sieve, with my bare hands - good stress relief!)
  • Combine all the ingredients together in a medium bowl, mix well.  DONE!

Pre-spinach being added

Can be made one day in advance and stored in the refrigerator.  The original recipe says to remove from the fridge 30min before serving, but I like it cold straight from the fridge.  Up to you!   It's amazing with water crackers, or bread sticks.

Recipe Inspiration: http://www.skinnytaste.com/2010/12/creamy-parmesan-spinach-dip.html

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